Arctech Solar Webinar Review: Smart Tracker Design Enabled By Advanced Testing

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Arctech Solar, a leading solar tracking and racking system provider, its latest live webinar “Smart Tracker Design Enabled by Advanced Testing” was successfully carried out in pv magazine on October 16th, 2019.

Given the fact that single-axis tracker deployment has increased dramatically in the past two-to-three years, both in terms of the number of PV plants adopting the technology and the sheer size of some tracking systems. The durability in the face of high wind loads has been brought into sharp focus with new testing and calculation methods providing more certainty for EPCs, owners and investors. To meet the challenge posed by high winds, and to allow investors to have confidence in their tracker system, advanced testing methods are being deployed by some tracker suppliers.

In this webinar, Arctech ’s global director of engineering Pedro Magalh?es has presented a new testing regime which provides confidence in both static and dynamic wind effects, alongside with David Banks, principal at CPP and Bernd Zwingmann, senior engineer at Germany’s SBP. Arctech Solar says its advanced method of wind tunnel testing and analysis allows it to design tracker systems to reduce the risks posed by high or sustained wind events.

More specifically, Arctech’s Pedro Magalh?es emphasized, “Our approach goes far beyond what was formerly done from a wind testing standpoint, taking it to a new level,” Besides, he mentioned that testing protocol applied by Arctech to its tracker designs allows for them to be tested for aeroelasticity, through the use of fully flexible tracker models in wind tunnel testing.

If you want to find out more practical ways of identifying if your tracker proposal is robust, please download the presentations or watch the recording at: and have a face-to-face discussion with Arctech engineers and sales team at booth S139, All Energy Australia 2019 on 23th-24th October.